Senior Woman Dancing


one dance a day

Join dance fix and you'll receive a free link to a song at a random moment every day during lockdown. As soon as you receive it, drop everything, turn up the volume and dance! 

It's a moment in your day at home to go a bit wild, to cut loose for a minute, to shake your bootie. 

Whether you shake it down with your kids, shimmy with your dog and cat, or jive on your own, you'll get a happy vibe on. And know that, at the very same time, in their own homes & isolation bubbles, lots of others will be boogie-ing with you. 

Apart but together - let's dance!



_join the (free) WhatsApp group via this link
_you'll be sent a song at a random moment every day during lockdown 
_in the app-group no one talks or posts anything

Have a funky song tip? 

Email the  youtube link to


We had a hilarious time dancing ballet to the autumn piece! 
Thank you so so much. We have absolutely loved this dance time.


Loved that song today!!! Had a proper good dance!! Thanks, that made my day.


Because of Dance Fix, I realised how much I enjoy dancing - I danced to the daily song without fail. After lockdown, I want to continue dancing.